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4 Tips How To Role Play

Posted on September 27 2021

4 Tips How To Role Play

You’ve always wanted to try role playing but not sure how to start. Perhaps you’ve even tried it but want more advice on how to really bring the experience to life. Maybe you’ve entertained the idea but imagine it might be silly or awkward?! Regardless of what  stage of your exploration you are at, these ‘4 Tips How To Role Play’ will inspire and empower your playtime.

Act out your deepest desires and fantasies through role-play. Playing sexy games with your partner(s) by taking on a new alter-ego identity might sound a little intimidating at first, but it's fun, we promise! This may include dressing up for the scene, using props, and creating or finding the right setting. 

One of the top reasons lovers like playing a kinky character is that it can help us overcome inhibitions. We can try out fantasies we're too timid or embarrassed to try ourselves, but that feel totally natural to a different character.


4 Tips How To Role Play:

  1. Remember, it’s supposed to be fun and pleasurable! Play and exploration are important elements of deepening your connection and intimacy with your partner. Even if your role-play doesn’t end up with sex, remember to enjoy the moment of being present and engaged in playtime.
  2. Have a safe word. Whether your sex life includes BDSM or role-play scenarios, it’s important to create trust and safe space with your partner with the communication and use of safe-words. These can be any word or phrase agreed upon to let your partner know of your boundaries and limits. Keeping your sex life consensual and respectful.
  3. Tap into new sides of yourself. Discover all of the curiosities and fantasies you have locked inside, and create new ones! Role-playing a character that’s different from your usual personality gives you a space to try and say things you normally wouldn’t feel bold enough to. Explore animal noises, accents, talking dirty, nasty desires, jokes and teasing, dominance and submission, and anything else you can imagine. Let the role be your guide.
  4. Design your fantasy scene. The character name and personality will come with preferences and turn-ons. Follow the mood and create a setting for your alter-ego to explore and celebrate. We enjoy choosing a color theme to set the tone. Next add music, props, drinks, playful foods, a sexy film or erotic poetry. Try candles, red or dim lights, and a soft blanket or rug for comfortable play. And of course don’t forget the toys: candles, rope, vibrators, and couples toys that are sure to please.


Our favorite role play scenes:

The Naughty Nurse, Teacher & Student, Good-cop Bad-cop, Cowboys & Rodeo Girls, Daddy’s Girl, Sassy Slut, Topless Maid Service, Seductive Secretary, Girl from outer space, Preppy Princess, and soooo many more!!


The Kink Quiz helps you tap into your sexy alter-ego personality and open your imagination to the possibilities.  

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