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Sex Toys 101

Posted on October 22 2020

Sex Toys 101

Sex Toys 101

By Rebecca Pierce

When trying out new toys, our best advice is to focus on what feels good for you. It doesn't matter if you're playing solo, trying something new in a relationship, or experimenting with a ‘friend’. Communicating openly with your intimate partner (or partners) about your desires in bed can only lead to better, and more satisfying sex.

When you’re on your own, it’s an opportunity to get to know your body, what you like and turns you on. Then, when you’re with a partner, you have more confidence and can help them to please you. Bringing a sex toy into the bedroom doesn't mean you're looking to replace your lover, but instead to enhance your experience together.

When is the best time to share your fantasies? It's hottest to talk about sex toys when you're both sexually aroused. This is a great time to introduce new sexual desires or experiences. Bringing a vibrator up during foreplay as opposed to during cuddling would probably make more sense. 

If you've ever purchased a sex toy before, or you're just getting started, the sheer number of options available can be completely overwhelming. To help you choose the right sex toy, we've compiled a list of the top five toys everyone should have in their collection.

Some of these toys are better to test out with a partner, while others can be used by you alone. If you're feeling shy, remember it's totally fine to try out toys on your own first.


Top 5 Toys:


A VIBRATOR is an essential for your toy box. Check out the top rated We Vibe Wand > The most advanced (and powerful) cordless massager ever with responsive technologies and an ergonomic design that takes you way beyond basics. Easy to hold and adjust, curving gently for the perfect angle and control, with a flexible head that moves with you. Seamless intensity control can take you from 0 to 100 (and anywhere in between) with one touch. 

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Le Wand Cordless Body Massager

COCKRINGS> The Atom Plus couples cock ring is made to give the wearer a long-lasting erection for an amazing intimate experienceThe Atom Plus combines innovative design with powerful vibration motors to create a cock ring that delivers deep, 'rumbly' stimulation to all the right places.

Dual Motor Technology: The Atom Plus is the world's first cock ring to house dual integrated motors, enabling intense perineum stimulation in addition to powerful vibrations on top of the shaft. Learn more here.

Atom Plus by Hot Octopuss

ANAL TOYS. Start off with the Explore silicone butt plug > Explore your need for anal pleasure with its unique shape that is flexible and contours for a superior pleasure experience. Created from premium silicone and 100% water safe. The EZ handle is soft, flexible, and conforms to your body, making anal play easy and comfortable. 4 inches insertable length.

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Explore Anal Plug by Luxe

BDSM > Tantus' Plunge paddle is a multi-use 100% Ultra-Premium silicone product that has a perfectly placed insertable bulbous head, smooth shaft, and an arousing paddle, for sensuous and exhilarating fun all in one magnificent design. It has an insertable handle, boasting 6" of length, and 1.25" of gripping girth. The paddle provides a quick switch to lascivious foreplay, bawdy afterplay, and everything in between, giving you the ultimate toy for your toy box. It's everything you need for some good clean fun. 

Plunge Paddle by Tantus

RABBITS. The ultimate clit and g-spot stimulation with the Rosalie rabbit vibrator The Rosalie's ultra high-powered, whisper quiet dual motors bring orgasmic sensations to your clitoris and G-spot, while the smooth, bulbous tip evokes a delicious sensation of pressure and fullness.


ZALO Rosalie Rabbit Vibrator in Red


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