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CG Woo Hoo Coconut Personal Lubricant 4.4oz

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Why You Should Use It:
  • “Lube makes sex better,” said by legit every sex expert ever.
  • Ingredients so natural and organic you could eat them. Literally.
  • Perfect texture: non-sticky, long-lasting, smooth, and moisturizing.
  • Free from shitty ingredients, like parabens, petroleum, and silicone.
  • Doubles as a massage oil (but we all know what that’s code for).
  • Tastes and smells like vanilla cupcakes (so you will too). 


Smooth and silky, this hybrid fusion of silicone and water prolongs the pleasures of intimacy with the ease of a non-fuss clean up. Perfect for making sex last even longer. Smooth and silky lubricant, ideal for prolonging pleasures of intimacy. Compliments pH balance of a woman.

Coconut Passion Fruit Flavored. Sugar Free. Ideal for toy, self and couple's play. Fusion of silicone and glycerin provides longer glide with ease of a no-fuss clean up.

Size: 4.4oz

How To Use:

Pour, rub, massage, finger, grind, throw, or foot for all we care. Just go enjoy the f*** out of yourself. Follow up with Freshies to fully optimize your post-sex recovery.

This product does not contain parabens, mineral oil, petroleum or animal products. Made in the USA.