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Discover what your secret desire is in this 1 minute sexy alter-ego quiz. Unleash your fantasy, bring out your dark side and spark your naughty imagination. *Choose the Ladies or Gentleman's version below:

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The Kink Quiz helps you tap into your sexy alter-ego personality and open your imagination to the possibilities.  

Act out your deepest desires and fantasies through role-playPlaying sexy games with your partner(s) by taking on a new alter-ego identity might sound a little intimidating at first, but it's fun, we promise! This may include dressing up for the scene, using props, and creating or finding the right setting. 

One of the top reasons lovers like playing a kinky character is that it can help us overcome inhibitions. We can try out fantasies we're too timid or embarrassed to try ourselves, but that feel totally natural to a different character.


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